Ideas Provided by a Proficient Home Remodeler

Because of their specific layouts, basements are often considered as hard-to-remodel rooms. They are associated with dark and moist places where you don’t spend much time. However, if you contact an experienced home remodeler, you will get multiple ideas for great makeovers. Here are some of them:

  • A comfortable guest room: Why don’t you make out the most of your basement and turn it into a cozy guest room? If you apply a new coat of light-colored paint with a stunning glossy finish, you will have the feeling you just bought a new home. A new carpet and a couple of upholstered furniture pieces, and you have another usable room in your house.

  • A home theater family room: This could be the room for family gatherings and parties. Installing a contemporary home theater system will allow you and your family members to have a warm family night in front of a big screen with a killer sound.

  • A nice sports area: Are you a fitness fan with a busy schedule? If you don’t have time to go to the local gym, you can renovate your basement and add gym equipment for your physical exercises. If you have enough space, you could also add a billiard table or tennis table to blow the steam after a hard day at work.

  • A comfortable home office: If you like the idea to work from home, you can turn your dark and uninviting living place into a wonderful home work area. A new carpet, a fresh layer of paint, a new desk, and computer, and you are done. As this is will be an additional room under the ground level, using yellow or beige tones will make it look and feel like a spacious and comfortable room.

  • A home library area: If you and your relatives read a lot, you can turn your area into your home library. Adding special furniture with many bookshelves will give you what you want.

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Last Modified: May 11, 2017